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Xổ số đài thoải máiClinical education has the power to shape the leaders of the future. No matter what area of law each student chooses to pursue, the experience of working in a clinic is transformative. It gives students the tools they need to solve the pressing problems of our time. The work of the Mills Legal Clinic is integral to the mission of Stanford Law School. Students receive hands-on experience doing the real work that lawyers do, while providing critical legal services to underserved individuals and communities. Each of the clinics within the Mills Legal Clinic is directed by faculty members who are not only top lawyers in their fields, but also exceptional educators and mentors. Students work in the clinics full-time for a quarter or more, engaging in an immersive experience that reinforces what they have learned in the classroom. Students enjoy a level of ownership in their cases that simply would not be possible if they were doing a clinic part-time. We take pride in the high quality of our students’ work.  On behalf of the Mills Legal Clinic faculty and staff, we invite you to learn more about our program.

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Social Security Disability Pro Bono Project

Xổ số đài thoải máiThe SLS Social Security Disability Project (SSDP), the Law School’s only in-house pro bono project, gives students the opportunity to work directly with local homeless clients.

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