The needs and ambitions of today’s students drive our unique offerings.

Immersive, interdisciplinary, collaborative, future-focused — Stanford Law’s distinctive approach to legal education generates one-of-a-kind programs for students. Because our graduates will practice at the intersection of law and business, or medicine, or engineering, or technology, or social science — to name just a few frontiers — we leverage Stanford University’s broad intellectual resources to make the study of law interdisciplinary. Our clinics stand out as full-time training experiences in which you can hone skills without distraction. A growing global initiative cultivates insights across geographies while more than 20 practicums provide living laboratories for policy-making. Small-group seminars in faculty homes promote free-wheeling discussion. And because we are always innovating, the list of only-at-SLS opportunities will continue to grow as the needs and ambitions of next-generation lawyers evolve.

Students Reflect on Opportunities at SLS

Interdisciplinary Learning